The T-shirt printing industry

January 13, 2014

The T-shirt printing industry is continually evolving. Technology has
impacted every sector of our economy and the custom screen printing
and embroidery industry is no exception. A classic example of this was
the invention of the automated press. Instead of the operator having
to lower the head of the press one color at a time, the automated
press will offer the advantage of screen printing all of the heads
simultaneously. Some of the larger tee shirt presses are capable of
holding up to 16 colors at a time. Let’s put this into perspective
that you can understand. If you are screen printing one T-shirt on a
manual press that has an image that is composed of 16 different
colors, then the operator who is running that machine would have to
manually raise and lower the press 16 different times, not to mention
spinning each station as he goes.

That means in the same time that it would take someone to run 1
T-shirt with that same artwork on a manual press, that same operator
can produce 12 pieces on an automatic press. This will also lend
itself to a consistent finished product because each stroke of the
squeegee will be identical to the last – the same exact angle and the
same exact speed. This is something that a human just cannot provide.