The Key to Producing a GREAT Embroidery Logo

There is a lot more to creating superior custom embroidery designs than just owning a good machine. The first thing that needs to happen is your image or custom logo needs to be sent to a guy called a digitizer. This is an individual who creates the software that tells the machine how to sew your logo. Without a good software program the embroidery machine is actually clueless on what to do. There is also a big difference between one guy’s work in another. Someone with a lot of experience can actually take what would appear to be a flat image and create the illusion that it is almost three dimensional by using different types of stitches and placing them in different directions where it appears to jump off the background that it is applied to. This can also be done by scanning the logo and then converting it to a vector file through a software program such as illustrator. However, the very best work that I’ve ever seen was done by hand. Although scanning the image is quicker, in my opinion it just does not lend itself to the same quality for turning out a superior finished product.

Although many images share a couple of common traits, each piece of artwork is going to be unique unto itself and needs to be addressed accordingly. There are many different variables depending on what you are applying it to. For example, if you happen to be applying your embroidery to finished caps, then the logo would have to be created to be sewn on a radius unlike a T-shirt or jackets. One of the problems is that the design can look perfect on a computer screen but when you actually go to apply it to your apparel, it doesn’t perform well. You often have to contend with numerous thread breaks which can significantly slow down your production output. Different fabrics tend to push and pull during this process and someone with a lot of experience wants to know up front what type of material it is that it’s going to be applied to in order to compensate accordingly.

Many of the designs that we cater to would be considered complicated pieces of artwork and not everyone is capable of doing a good job when it comes to replicating this type of application.

There is also a huge difference between a simple left chest logo and trying to apply the custom embroidery to fill up an entire jacket back. The higher the stitch count, the more complicated the job becomes. Having a handle on the size of the image is a very important part of the process. Unlike screen printing, this requires very careful planning and attention to detail. The next important piece of the puzzle that plays a big role in this process is the type of material that’s being customized. Some people tend to do their design work in house which can often give you a little bit more control especially on time sensitive orders. But with today’s technology giving us the ability to shoot information across the planet at the speed of light, we have found that it really doesn’t speed up the process at all. All we have to do is send an e-mail to whoever that is doing the work and he can always make any adjustments necessary within a few minutes.

Please keep us in mind the next time you happen to be shopping for a superior St. Louis screen printing or a digital T-shirt printing company.

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