Starting A T-Shirt Printing Company

December 2, 2015

Although starting a St. Louis T-shirt printing company is not an easy thing to do, it is easier than it ever has been before with the impact that technology provides. Never in the history of mankind have we had a chance to reach out to an unlimited amount of people with just the click of a mouse. Social media platforms have been helpful and proven to be an extremely cost-effective way to run a marketing campaign.

I can remember when the two most effective ways to sell something was either radio or by television. This was known as shotgun marketing that reach out to thousands of people at a time. The problem with this is that unless someone happens to be in the market for what you are selling at that precise time when the commercial aired, they simply couldn’t remember the ad that they had just heard less than 3 minutes ago. In other words, the old saying, out of sight out of mind, would apply. Trying to buy a radio spot was extremely expensive and you had to commit to a minimum of 50 to 100 commercials. Buying a television spot was even more expensive, especially if you happen to be trying to run a campaign during the Super Bowl. Some of these commercials would cost in excess of $2 million per minute. That being said, it was being viewed by billions of people at a time all over the world. If you are the only one that was airing during a halftime show you might have a chance at an excellent return on your investment, but that’s simply not the case. There is competition with many other advertisers doing the same exact thing with aspirations to be the one ad that sticks out in the potential customer’s mind, not only when it’s over, but in the weeks to come.

When it comes to marketing a St. Louis screen printing company as well as custom embroidery, there is not just one way of doing things. Anything and everything you do is going to be a calculated risk. Whether it ends up being a successful campaign or not is just relative to the investment as well as the return. Although some business ventures are going to be riskier than others, I do have my own personal favorites based on trial and error.

I have also learned a lot by studying my competition and seeing what works for them. I can remember when I first got into the digital T-shirt printing industry and I had a salesman from a telephone book give me a call. He gave me all kinds of promises that were supposedly backed by statistics which conveyed to me that if I place an ad under the category St. Louis embroidery company, and is this large, then I should expect to receive this many phone calls. It turned out to be the very worst advertising campaign of my entire adult life.