Decorating Specialty T’s

July 18, 2014

When you think of “Specialty T’s”, you may first think of the type of fabric. However, it entails much more than that. Not only is it the type of fabric, such as a poly/cotton/rayon blend, but it also encompasses cut, color, and style of the tee shirt. All of this affects how to decorate or customize the shirt.

Custom screen printing is certainly one of the more common forms of apparel decoration. However, with changing trends in both composition and style, decorators should understand the different processes when screen printing specialty apparel.  Blends in particular have a tendency to shrink in the dryer if the heat is too excessive. These types of garments will take certain inks differently.

While most customers may want screen printing or heat transfers for their specialty tee shirts, there are some who prefer embroidery. The major factor in this technique is the weight of the garment. Many specialty t-shirts are lightweight and stretch. Some will embroider well. Some will not.

These t-shirts are more fragile, so the correct hooping process for embroidery is crucial. Possibly a magnetic hoop is called for to avoid stretching the material. Some of the specialty materials are too lightweight for embroidery and cannot hold heavy or bulky stitches.

Embroidery can be an excellent method when decorating certain specialty styles, such as trendy, long sleeve fleece options.

We will be able to direct you to the best option for your garments, whether it be custom screen printing, custom embroidery, heat transfer, sublimation or digital printing in St. Louis. Give us a call or email us for your free quote request.

Today’s Style for Sport’s Wear

June 25, 2014

The fashion industry is huge and has a huge impact on what America wears. How many people, especially teenagers, want the name brand for their t-shirts, running shoes, and other sports apparel? Sometimes they want Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and others just for the brand logo. It is the same thing in the custom screen printing industry in St. Louis, MO. Many of our customers want the brand recognition on their golf shirts or tee shirts. We understand that but there are alternatives to the name brands which carry a high price tag. For example, Gildan is one of the top players in the apparel industry. Their apparel is just as high of quality and stylish as the big name brands. They make shirts from a very high tech material. These are called moisture wicking or dry fit shirts. This type of material wicks or pulls moisture from your body. This is an especially important function of the material for athletes or for the person that works out. You can not only look good in your custom screen printed or embroidered shirts, but also the performance wear functions well and you feel good in it. Many companies today have policies of “business casual” as it pertains to what their employees wear. Because of this, many companies, big and small, will have custom golf shirts or tee shirts embroidered or screen printed. This gives the company a good image and the employees are more comfortable than being in suits or dresses. Many times they choose this moisture wicking type of t shirt or golf shirt. It is comfortable, looks professional, and is stylish. If you live in the St. Louis, MO area and are in the market for any custom silk screening or embroidery, whether for your company or personal use, please give us a call. We have been in business for nearly two decades and have professionals that can answer your questions. We offer free quote requests on all your custom screen printing and embroidery needs.

Starting my own custom screen printing business

May 28, 2014

There are many directions to go when considering starting your own business. If you are anything like me, I never wanted to work for someone else. I have plenty of drive, ambition, and passion, but that does not always pay the bills. Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit, but I do. I have owned a number of different types of businesses, including painting and asphalt. Right before I started my custom screen printing company, I was in the asphalt business. It was lucrative; however, the work would disappear in the cold, winter months in St. Louis, MO when asphalt work could not be done. I needed to find work that wasn’t seasonal. One day while just people watching in a local shopping mall, I saw something that never really caught my attention. The majority of people, young and old, that I saw walking by were wearing some type of custom screen printed t-shirt or an embroidered cap. I said to myself, “I can sell those.” I went out shortly later and sold my first screen printing job. Of course, I didn’t know the first thing about this business and had never printed custom tee shirts before in my life. Somehow I managed to fulfill this order with a lot of trial and error. I don’t recommend that you necessarily do what I did. However, it did work for me. A lot has transpired since that first order almost 20 years ago. Today I have a lucrative custom screen printing and custom embroidery company. I have sold and printed thousands of garments (t shirts, sweat shirts, and many other types of garments) and custom embroidered caps and shirts. When you are in the market in St. Louis, MO for these, why don’t you give us a call? We personally answer our phones and will be glad to give you a quote. Hope to hear from you soon.

How Do They Make T-shirt Printing Look So Simple?

May 6, 2014

Most people who are accomplished at what they do seem to be able to make it look quite a bit easier than what it really is. Take a concrete finisher or a drywall taper for example; they make it look so effortless and make it seem like there’s nothing to it whatsoever. Have you ever tried to finish concrete or tape drywall? If you have, I don’t have to tell you how unbelievably hard it is. You have to work extremely fast or that concrete will harden up on you and you will end up ruining the entire project. T-shirt printing is similar. When it comes to watching somebody who is a seasoned veteran with years of experience and tens of thousands of tee shirt logo applications under their belt, an accomplished silk screening professional has the ability to make it look so effortless. When it comes to St. Louis T-shirt printing companies, there is a big difference between one screen printing company and another. Let’s just assume that they are all capable of producing a simple one or two color application. What really separates the men from the boys in the T-shirt printing industry is the ability to replicate the most complicated and challenging pieces of artwork. It all starts with being able to provide good clean artwork. It doesn’t matter how well we screen print the image if the artwork is not clean. The finished product will never be any better than the art in which it came from. There are a lot of qualified logo designers out there who know how to make their artwork jump off of a computer monitor in order that it looks good on a
website, but web design is a whole different animal than trying to apply a conventional screen printing application to the tee shirt. Here is an example of what I’m talking about; a low resolution piece of artwork that is approximately 50 dots per square inch can look good from a computer monitor,  but that will in no way lend itself to a good quality finished silk screen application. Applying an image to a cotton or a 50 percent cotton 50 percent polyester substrate through a fine mesh and using a plastic ink is an entirely different type of application. If the person who is creating the image has no prior experience when it comes to T-shirt printing, then they would be better off just turning it over to someone who knows what they are doing. There are a lot of different possibilities to take under consideration when composing a piece of artwork that is going to lend itself to a good finished product. This is just an example of how somebody with years of experience can make it appear so effortless to the untrained eye. With the advantages that today’s technology has to offer, we are able to outsource our artwork needs to any logo development company across the world. Therefore, it is not important if they are based out of St. Louis are not. You can outsource your artwork to India or Pakistan and you can have it back within 24 hours. My point is that we are in a global economy now and with information going across the world at the speed of light we really need to start thinking outside the box of what we have been conditioned to. We are a St. Louis T-shirt printing  company who pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with not only fantastic service, but also a great finish product .We believe that we have the right strategies in order to stay within your budget limitations. The repeat customer, as well as the referral, is our bread and butter and it is our objective to find solutions where you are going to be as comfortable using us to supply you with your St. Louis t-shirt printing requirements as we are producing them for you. This is considered to be good business practice and the repeat orders will just take care of themselves in time. If you are shopping for a St. Louis T-shirt printing company who’ll give you excellent service and a top quality completed product, then give us a chance to earn your silk screen business. By the way, we also offer embroidery.

Benefits of Today’s Technology

April 23, 2014

Have you considered starting your own custom screen printing or embroidery company in St. Louis, MO? This may be the day to do that. Are you looking for freedom and flexibility in your endeavors? Twenty five years ago things were very different without the personal computer and the World Wide Web. It is a reality today that we are can do business, not only in our own city, but also nationally and internationally today. We can just as easily sell custom screen printed T-shirts to someone that lives 25 miles away from us in St. Louis, MO as selling to someone that is thousands of miles away. Because of technology, we are not tied down to a desk, talking on a land line. Screen printing and embroidery business can, and most often is, done via email. Usually a potential customer finds us on a search engine, such as Google. They put in a relevant search term, such as St. Louis custom screen printing, St. Louis tee shirt printing, or St. Louis custom embroidery and our web site shows up on the landing page. They would click on our web site. From there it is very simple to pick out your tee shirt, cap or other apparel. Then you would just email us for a quote for a specific type of t-shirt, the number of t shirts, and the placement of the image (e.g. the left chest, big front, back of the shirt, etc.). Along with all these specifics, you would send us your image that you wanted on the shirt. We would then send you a quote from what you request. Don’t get us wrong, it takes work and determination to start your own custom screen printing or embroidery business in St. Louis, MO, but the opportunities are there more than ever to succeed because of modern day technology. We rarely make cold calls anymore. Our potential customers come to us at the time that they need our screen printing or embroidery services. What wonderful benefits that we have today that we didn’t have 25 years ago! Because of technology, our customer base is endless.

T-shirt Purchasing Tips

April 11, 2014

There are many reasons to purchase a custom printed or embroidered T-shirt and everyone wants to get the best price with the best overall value. However, when shopping for a St. Louis T-shirt printing company, you need to consider that cheaper is not always going to be the best for you. If a custom screen printing company cannot deliver your tee shirts to you on the date that you need them, sub sequentially getting the cheapest quote does not help you. In fact, it hurts you. By the time you find out that the company is not going to deliver on time, it is too late to place another order with another silk screening or embroidery business.

Consider the source. Good customer service and dependability are a big deal. We suggest that you do your homework and check out the silk screening or embroidery companies’ reviews online. Another good source to validate a company’s credibility would be the Better Business Bureau. Some of the questions that you should ask are, “How long has this company been in business?” and “Will they stand behind their work and guarantee that you are completely satisfied?”.  Are they actually doing their production in St. Louis? We recommend that you get three competitive bids so you can determine whether or not you are getting a good value. You want the screen printing companies to quote on the exact same thing so they are quoting apples to apples.

One of our company’s values is that we would rather error on the side of caution when it comes to processing your custom tee shirts. We will create a virtual proof before we ever go to press. You will see exactly how your shirt will look. We want to make sure that everything is spelled correctly and laid out on your custom T-shirt to your satisfaction. It is not the time to make corrections after your shirts are already printed and the order is complete. Creating a virtual proof is not always done by screen printing companies, but we would rather take the extra time to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We will give you a good quality product at a fair price. Give us a call for your custom embroidery and silk screening requests. We are available to take your call 24/7. We will do everything we can so that you are as relaxed with doing business with us as we are with processing your custom screen printing tee shirts. We are a St. Louis based company.

Thank you for this opportunity to impress you.

The T-shirt printing industry

January 13, 2014

The T-shirt printing industry is continually evolving. Technology has
impacted every sector of our economy and the custom screen printing
and embroidery industry is no exception. A classic example of this was
the invention of the automated press. Instead of the operator having
to lower the head of the press one color at a time, the automated
press will offer the advantage of screen printing all of the heads
simultaneously. Some of the larger tee shirt presses are capable of
holding up to 16 colors at a time. Let’s put this into perspective
that you can understand. If you are screen printing one T-shirt on a
manual press that has an image that is composed of 16 different
colors, then the operator who is running that machine would have to
manually raise and lower the press 16 different times, not to mention
spinning each station as he goes.

That means in the same time that it would take someone to run 1
T-shirt with that same artwork on a manual press, that same operator
can produce 12 pieces on an automatic press. This will also lend
itself to a consistent finished product because each stroke of the
squeegee will be identical to the last – the same exact angle and the
same exact speed. This is something that a human just cannot provide.