Latest Trends in T-Shirt Decorations

March 25, 2015

Sublimation is huge in tee shirt decoration. Unusual and bold locations are key trends showing up. The nape of the neck has been popular for placement of a logo, but now a new trend has become common. That trend is the location of decoration whether screen printing or embroidery in the center front neck. Additionally, large, bold, vertical logos make the viewer take a moment to read or notice what is there. And don’t forget about placement of decorations on the sleeves. Extending brand recognition from one side of the body and then to the sleeve can be very effective.

Many of these types of printing are printed on wide-format printers, versus a traditional screen printing press. It is a wonderful printer that could increase your sales for your business.

Bottom line, anything goes for t-shirt decorations. However, listen to your customer for his needs and make suggestions accordingly. Keep on top of what the fashion trends are so you can knowledgeably speak to your customers. Our company always try to stay informed to give great advice to our customers in St. Louis, MO.