How Do They Make T-shirt Printing Look So Simple?

May 6, 2014

Most people who are accomplished at what they do seem to be able to make it look quite a bit easier than what it really is. Take a concrete finisher or a drywall taper for example; they make it look so effortless and make it seem like there’s nothing to it whatsoever. Have you ever tried to finish concrete or tape drywall? If you have, I don’t have to tell you how unbelievably hard it is. You have to work extremely fast or that concrete will harden up on you and you will end up ruining the entire project. T-shirt printing is similar. When it comes to watching somebody who is a seasoned veteran with years of experience and tens of thousands of tee shirt logo applications under their belt, an accomplished silk screening professional has the ability to make it look so effortless. When it comes to St. Louis T-shirt printing companies, there is a big difference between one screen printing company and another. Let’s just assume that they are all capable of producing a simple one or two color application. What really separates the men from the boys in the T-shirt printing industry is the ability to replicate the most complicated and challenging pieces of artwork. It all starts with being able to provide good clean artwork. It doesn’t matter how well we screen print the image if the artwork is not clean. The finished product will never be any better than the art in which it came from. There are a lot of qualified logo designers out there who know how to make their artwork jump off of a computer monitor in order that it looks good on a
website, but web design is a whole different animal than trying to apply a conventional screen printing application to the tee shirt. Here is an example of what I’m talking about; a low resolution piece of artwork that is approximately 50 dots per square inch can look good from a computer monitor,  but that will in no way lend itself to a good quality finished silk screen application. Applying an image to a cotton or a 50 percent cotton 50 percent polyester substrate through a fine mesh and using a plastic ink is an entirely different type of application. If the person who is creating the image has no prior experience when it comes to T-shirt printing, then they would be better off just turning it over to someone who knows what they are doing. There are a lot of different possibilities to take under consideration when composing a piece of artwork that is going to lend itself to a good finished product. This is just an example of how somebody with years of experience can make it appear so effortless to the untrained eye. With the advantages that today’s technology has to offer, we are able to outsource our artwork needs to any logo development company across the world. Therefore, it is not important if they are based out of St. Louis are not. You can outsource your artwork to India or Pakistan and you can have it back within 24 hours. My point is that we are in a global economy now and with information going across the world at the speed of light we really need to start thinking outside the box of what we have been conditioned to. We are a St. Louis T-shirt printing  company who pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with not only fantastic service, but also a great finish product .We believe that we have the right strategies in order to stay within your budget limitations. The repeat customer, as well as the referral, is our bread and butter and it is our objective to find solutions where you are going to be as comfortable using us to supply you with your St. Louis t-shirt printing requirements as we are producing them for you. This is considered to be good business practice and the repeat orders will just take care of themselves in time. If you are shopping for a St. Louis T-shirt printing company who’ll give you excellent service and a top quality completed product, then give us a chance to earn your silk screen business. By the way, we also offer embroidery.