Find the Right On-The-Job Style

December 18, 2014

Have you walked into a business, whether it is a retail store or restaurant, and you had no idea who to talk to because no one had a uniform shirt on? I certainly have and it is frustrating. I truly have never understood why employees that deal with the public don’t have some type of uniform. I see that often in restaurants. How am I supposed to know who works there or not???

This being said, there are a vast number of options available. One fairly inexpensive option is a tee shirt with the company’s logo screen printed on the front. Or maybe you may want the company’s logo on the left chest and the employee’s name on the right chest. There are a lot of different types of garments, from t-shirts, polos, button down dress shirts, etc. We typically recommend that you use custom screen printing on the less expensive shirts such as t shirts and you custom embroidery on the more expensive shirts such as polos or button down dress shirts.

We would love to hear from you for all of your custom screen printing and custom embroidery needs in the St. Louis area. Give us a call. I am positive that we can give you a fair, competitive bid. Happy Holidays!!