Doing The Job With Excellence

March 7, 2016

There used to be an old saying that read, “If you can do it, it’s not bragging.”. I believe that what the gentleman was trying to convey was that there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. We’re a St. Louis T-shirt printing company that also offers custom embroidery for approximately 300 different businesses and organizations in town and across the Midwest. We also take a lot of pride in being able to cater to some of the most challenging silk screening applications. We take on a lot of the jobs that many of our competitors don’t want because they are intimidated. Most of the time we’re simply dealing with a one or two color logo and there’s not much challenge in that as pretty much any of our competition can do that. When we have a customer come in that is looking to reproduce an image that has over 50 different colors, we tend to get excited about it. That’s the kind of job that separates the men from the boys. We often like to make one additional piece in order to hang it on our wall and wear it like a badge of honor for everyone to view. If it was easy everyone would do it.

There is a lot more to being the leader in St. Louis T-shirt printing than just owning the right equipment, although that is very important as well. We have access to the very finest machinery that our industry currently has to offer. Technology has made a major impact in every sector of our economy and the screen printing industry is no exception to that rule. The point I want to make is no matter how well your machinery works and what it’s capable of it’s never any better than the operator that is standing behind it. Our seasoned crew has decades of experience and can provide the right techniques to cater to the most difficult and challenging of jobs. Years of experience also comes into play for our representatives. There’s an old saying that reads, knowledge is power.

There is also an old proverb that says, experience is the best teacher. Our years of extensive hands-on experience in the St. Louis T-shirt printing business is proven. When it comes to getting your product on time and done with excellence, you would much rather learn from someone else’s mistakes in order to avoid making them yourself. Unlike most of our competitors, we would prefer that instead of just sending us an e-mail for a quote request, that you actually would pick up your telephone and give us a call. We believe that e-mail certainly does have a role to play when it comes to keeping an accurate record of what was discussed as well as what is agreed upon. However, it is certainly no substitute for being able to communicate audibly or even face-to-face. This type of communication allows you to accurately convey any challenges that you might be facing as well as your concerns that you might have.