Decorating Headwear

April 10, 2015

When you think of a decorated hat, the first image that pops in your head is probably a baseball cap. Ball caps are not the only type of decorated headwear. There are sun visors, beanies, safari hats, fedoras, and trucker caps, just to name a few. When choosing the decoration method, it must be suitable for the type of headwear you choose.

There are a few different ways to decorate headwear. Here are a few.

When decorating with ink, sublimation is a good technique with caps that are 100 percent polyester. However, the cap cannot have any parts that will melt under the high heat. This technique is used on a cap press. For a hat that isn’t 100% polyester, a patch can be created with the custom logo on it with an applique’ attached to the hat.

For a direct to garment application for a hat that isn’t 100 polyester or can’t withstand high temperatures, custom screen printing is a good option.

When decorating with thread, custom embroidery is an excellent technique. This method is usually more expensive, but it usually leads to a more impressive logo. One thing to consider is that you will only have to pay a one time fee for digitizing your logo if you don’t change it in the future. This being said, there will not be any additional charges when you want to run additional orders in the future. Also, it is typically easier to embroider your future orders than it would be to set up your orders for screen printing.

For all your custom headwear needs in the St. Louis area, whether embroidery or screen printing, give us a call or shoot us an email. If we don’t answer the phone right away, we will be faithful to call you right back.