Decorating Specialty T’s

July 18, 2014No Comments

When you think of “Specialty T’s”, you may first think of the type of fabric. However, it entails much more than that. Not only is it the type of fabric, such as a poly/cotton/rayon blend, but it also encompasses cut, color, and style of the tee shirt. All of this affects how to decorate or […]

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Today’s Style for Sport’s Wear

June 25, 2014No Comments

The fashion industry is huge and has a huge impact on what America wears. How many people, especially teenagers, want the name brand for their t-shirts, running shoes, and other sports apparel? Sometimes they want Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and others just for the brand logo. It is the same thing in the custom screen printing […]

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Starting my own custom screen printing business

May 28, 2014No Comments

There are many directions to go when considering starting your own business. If you are anything like me, I never wanted to work for someone else. I have plenty of drive, ambition, and passion, but that does not always pay the bills. Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit, but I do. I have owned a […]

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How Do They Make T-shirt Printing Look So Simple?

May 6, 2014No Comments

Most people who are accomplished at what they do seem to be able to make it look quite a bit easier than what it really is. Take a concrete finisher or a drywall taper for example; they make it look so effortless and make it seem like there’s nothing to it whatsoever. Have you ever tried to finish […]

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Benefits of Today’s Technology

April 23, 2014No Comments

Have you considered starting your own custom screen printing or embroidery company in St. Louis, MO? This may be the day to do that. Are you looking for freedom and flexibility in your endeavors? Twenty five years ago things were very different without the personal computer and the World Wide Web. It is a reality […]

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T-shirt Purchasing Tips

April 11, 2014No Comments

There are many reasons to purchase a custom printed or embroidered T-shirt and everyone wants to get the best price with the best overall value. However, when shopping for a St. Louis T-shirt printing company, you need to consider that cheaper is not always going to be the best for you. If a custom screen […]

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The T-shirt printing industry

January 13, 2014No Comments

The T-shirt printing industry is continually evolving. Technology has impacted every sector of our economy and the custom screen printing and embroidery industry is no exception. A classic example of this was the invention of the automated press. Instead of the operator having to lower the head of the press one color at a time, […]

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