Beyond the Basics

July 24, 2015

For most custom screen printers, the plain white tee shirt, along with colors, is the meat and potatoes of their business. Many would go out of business if it weren’t for these types of shirts. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are more customers out there that are not looking for the standard t-shirt. They are looking for the trendier styles. It may still be a t shirt, but there will be more details about the shirt. The shirt may be a baseball jersey type with the sleeves being a different color than the body of the shirt.

One of the big trends today is the relaxed-fit T. Both men and women are preferring this styling than the fitted tees in many cases. Especially women are purchasing this type of t-shirt. They are now more concerned about comfort. However, the styling is also important. The boyfriend tees are becoming more and more popular for the ladies. Maybe one reason for that is this – ladies are wearing tight, slim jeans or leggings. Their pants are tight so they don’t want tight fitting tops.

Also popular with women are retail-inspired looks such as fringed and lacy tops, high-low hemlines, and fashion-forward flowy cuts that tie in with oversized styles. Bright pastels and nautical inspired colors are also popular.

Men and women alike are growing fonder of the softer materials. Tri-blends and ring spun cotton materials are very popular and are now available in most of the manufacturers’ apparel line. Demand is up for higher quality materials.

The eco-friendly tees are another niche that is gaining momentum. Many people are interested in these types of shirts, made with organic materials. They are willing to pay a little more to get these.

Regardless of the type of garment or material, please give us a call if you’re in the St. Louis area. We have been in business more than 20 years and have the experience behind us to tackle any custom screen printing or embroidery job. We have more than 300 organizations, individuals, and companies that we do business with. We would love to hear from you if you’re in the market for any custom silk screening, digital printing, or custom embroidery. Look forward to hearing from you soon.